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Park Chan Chong Fully Agrees and Supports TVXQ’s Fanclub

TVXQ’s fanclub had exposed SM Entertainment’s inhuman contract with TVXQ through advertisements on the newspaper. Regarding this, Mr. Park Chan Chong (former governor) stated that he “fully supports and agrees” with them.

Mr. Park expressed, “Our government has the responsibility to arrest those who make mistakes. This should be settled through the rule of law, to prove a democratic society.”

Last 4th of August, Mr. Park had commented on the lawsuit issue between TVXQ and SM Entertainment, “On the basics of slave contracts, it had violated ‘Defraud’ (Article 348 of the Constitution) and ‘Inappropriate income’ (Article 349 of the Constitution).”

“TVXQ’s fanclub focused on the ‘slave contract’ in the lawsuit, to submit the petition to the Seoul Central Court.

On top of that, they also raised funds and collected signatures. To date, over 190k of signatures have been collected, of which 70k came from the online petition and 120k from the offline petition.”

Civil servants and governors stated that the government should supervise this incident. Last year, they had stopped all the awful and offensive comments by the “Choi Jin-sil Law.” Now, it’s time to stop these inhuman acts from agency companies by the “TVXQ Law.”

At the moment, TVXQ cannot have events in Korea, but they are going to hold a concert in China, which upset the fans, especially with the cancellation of the concert that was scheduled on the 9th of August with unacceptable reason. Fans had submitted a request of compensation to the Korean Consumer Agency, for SM Entertainment to compensate 10% of the cost of sold tickets.

However, it’s the first time that concert was cancelled due to a lawsuit issue, therefore, the Korea Consumer Agency has to make a decision with caution.

Mr. Park expressed that “Request for compensation is possible” and this, by any chance, might result in (SM Entertainment who violates the law) into difficulties. Lastly, he said, “I hope that TVXQ can hold their concerts in Korea in the near future, and meet their fans.”

T/N: Mr. Park Chan Chong is a lawyer and former governor of South Korea.



On September 9th, the Korean Entertainment Producers Association released a document to all attendees of the concert and to the general public.

Here’s what it said:

1. Thank you for showing much interest towards 2009 DREAM Concert.
2. Korean Entertainment Producers Association will become organizer of 2009 DREAM Concert.
As was reported in Japan, TVXQ lawsuit has already been gathering a lot of attention.
About this unforeseen incident, Korean Entertainment Producers Association and SM Entertainment has been having discussions in regard to former performers matter, and currently meet in the decision that under present condition, starring TVXQ in the concert is very difficult, therefore for everyone who is looking forward to TVXQ performance, we’re really sorry and sincerely apologize.
3. However, the possibility performance still depends upon the trial result of Korean Court. By that time, we’ll officially announce the decision yet again.
Because the 2009 DREAM concert is Korean biggest concert, we would like you to enjoy the stage of splendid artists whom Korea is proud of at Sangnam World Cup Stadium, South Korea.
4. As an addition, we’d like to inform you that BIG BANG will perform with no problem.
5. We’re so pleased with everyone who had been working hard to prepare for DREAM Concert, thank you very much.

In other words…

TVXQ will not attend Dream Concert 2009.

TVXQ’s Jae Joong a Ghost?!

A Thai television program, RuengJingPanJor (Thai Real TV), has reported that they found pictures of a ‘female holy spirit’ and it’s causing a lot of controversy. (

RuengJingPanJor is a TV show that tries to prove or clear up rumors of unusual events. On one of the episodes, it was reported that a Thai villager took a picture of a tree with his cell phone, and found a mysterious ghost lurking around it. They zoomed into the pictures taken, and… OMG IT’S JAE JOONG!

Thai Cassies are co-operating with RuengJingPanJor to verify if the holy spirit is real or not (as it could’ve been photoshopped) and if it is actually Jae Joong.
So far, they have found crucial evidence that the picture of the ghost is identical to a screenshot of Jae Joong from a Korean TV show ‘Golden Fishery’.

left:jae in golden fishery...right:the jae ghost??

left:jae in golden fishery...right:the jae ghost??

SS501 to replace TVXQ?!?

Korean idol group SS501 was recently in Malaysia for their DVD filming and had to face tricky questions about TVXQ.

SS501 had been in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for a 4D3N trip for their DVD filming since 31st August. They then flew to Kuala Lumpur on 3rd September for a press conference and fansigning (which made a lot of SS501 fans mad), organized by Warner Music Malaysia at the very last minute. 

But during the press conference, SS501 were given tricky questions by the local media, as they asked them about the possibility of TVXQ disbanding because of the lawsuit against SM Entertainment and whether they had the confidence to replace them. 

The SS501 members gave their mics to their leader, Kim Hyun Joong as he said, “It’s a difficult question to answer. We can’t really compare between the groups because we are of different styles, in terms of dance, songs and charisma. Furthermore, there’s no confirmation about their disbandment in Korea as yet. We are just focusing on our tasks at hand and don’t know the details of the whole situation. But we hope that they (TVXQ) can settle this in a good way and that their fans will continue to support them.”

DBSK Fans Want Their Money Back from SM Entertainment

Fans of DSBK are threatening to sue SM Entertainment if they do not get some of their money back. They had originally brought tickets to the now postponed SM Town Live 2009. 1,222 fans gathered on September 3rd, demanding an apology and at least 10% of the ticket price refunded to them.

SM Entertainment had originally stated that DBSK would attend the concert despite their pending lawsuit with them and the whole show would go on as planned. But at the very last minute, they postponed the show, without a valid reason, leaving many fans hurt, distraught, broke and feeling betrayed by DBSK’s parent company.

According to the fans, since SM Entertainment didn’t give a good enough valid reason for the postponement, and thus they have got some explaining to do.

Manddang PD: “I don’t even know that Yunho is TVXQ”

August 2nd at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hannam-dong, Seoul, the head PD of ‘Manddang’ PD Park Sung-soo attending the drama conference said, “Seriously, at our first meeting there wasn’t any impression of Asian star, idol singer within him at all. Thanks to Jung Yunho’s group, there’s awakening awareness towards the drama.”

“Already living in Seoul for 10 years of mature experiences, we talk a lot to each other and feel kinship between us. He’s a friend who knows the hardship and fun of life, I feel thankful to have a chance to produce drama with this kind of friend.”

As an idol and TVXQ member, no matter (staffs) trying to hide about the shooting scene, everything will come out to public in the end. At every shooting spots, there are always more than 100 fans gathering. Regarding this, PD Lee Dae-hee responded, “Yunho’s fans on the shooting sites are very nice and obedient to our rules. To the recording itself, they’re not threatening at all.”

Yunho ever mentioned to PD Park Sung-soo that once he was homeless in Seoul. “Going alone from Gwangju to Seoul, I believe he had been suffering a lot of troubles. Being homeless, and had a hard job as well.” he said. Then he explained about the character Cha Bon-gun “He (Bong-gun) also already passed close to death experiences several times in his life such as falling from 4th floor of a church, yet never once gave up, in this term, they seems to have a lot of alikeness.”

The PD continued about the plan of his drama, “I’d like to create a drama where audiences can make a new interpretation about popular sympathy towards one human being.”

“Heading To The Ground”, about a player named Cha Bong-gun who can’t help but quit his football after his club was closed down, but after he meets the passionate agent Kang Hae-bin (Go Ara), he starts to draws his football back.

20 episodes, “Heading To The Ground”’s ‘Night Special Issue’ pilot episode will broadcast on September 9th.

Heading to the Ground’s press conference day

Heading to the Ground is nearing its air date, and held its production press conference on the afternoon of September 2 at Seoul’s Hyatt Hotel. The MBC series stars U-Know Yunho (aka Jung Yun-ho) in his acting debut, along with Go Ara, Lee Yoon-ji, and Lee Sang-yoon.

Heading airs its first episode on September 9.



Hero and Micky with AAA


TVXQ members Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun had karaoke night with AAA (Triple A) member Urata Naoya.

Urata Naoya recently posted this photo on his blog and wrote:

“I met Jaejoong 2 years ago. He’s a good friend of mine and we discuss music together. Micky Yoochun is a great friend as well.

It was a great night. We rarely have time, but I’d love to hangout with them again like this.”

Japan-Korea Joint Drama Production Team to Aim Asian Market

The plan to create dramas by the Japan-Korea combination is in the works. The idea is that Eriko Kitagawa, Shizuka Oishi and Miho Nakazonoa, who are all top writers of Japanese drama scripts, are to write scripts casting Korean stars such as TVXQ. All seven parts have been already completed and after this autumn, they are to be aired sequentially in both countries.

By “mutual entry,” it deepens the interchange of the people concerned and it is said that the participating parties aim more drama market expansion in Asia in the near future.

There is also the expectation of “breakthrough” in the Korean television industry which has a high regulation for Japanese dramas that are being aired. (Editor: Yoshihiro Kita)

The Japan-Korea telecinema planning meeting was held with Jaejoong from TVXQ, an immensely popular group in Japan, and Korean star Chi Jini, who starred in the popular Korean drama (in Japan) “Oath of Changum” and many other popular stars attended. The seven parts of the dramas were created with help from Japanese scriptwriters. A preview starts in August at movie theaters in Seoul, Korea. These dramas will be aired on TV and shown in cinemas after this coming autumn.

Both the Japanese and Korean sides will assemble full force in Seoul in the middle of September, and there will be many promotional events. In Japan, Asahi National Broadcasting will be airing these dramas in the future.

Chief Director Shinnichi Ichikawa of the Association of Japanese Broadcast Writers called for this plan and seven Japanese scriptwriters wrote original pieces. The making of the scenes and the photography have been pushed forward from summer last year.

The “taste” of dramas and how productions are lead are considerably different in Japan and in Korea. Sin Hyontek, the chairsperson of Korea / Miwa Networks (in-charge of this production) described that “Koreans love dramas that are alive with tears and laughter. Japanese dramas have this depth that is internal.” Also, Korean production is faster than the Japanese.

There are such differences and in the production spot, it was said that the Japanese scriptwriters received Korean supervision and the actors encouraged each other a lot. Chief Director Ichikawa mentioned that “Scriptwriters do not change their scripts easily even if revision is ordered by a supervisor.” As a result of some of the “clash,” a new charm may have been born between Japan and Korea.

A Korean drama earned popularity in Japan for these past few years and there was the feeling of one-sided unfavourable balance of the trade. Chief Director Ichikawa said, “Korean directors are excellent and their sense of work is very good, too.” Japan must make a drama that is acceptable in the whole of Asia in the near future.Triggered by this plan, it is expected that the Japanese and Korean’s co-created drama will sell in the whole Asian market.

TVXQ to suspend group activities (T_T)

TVXQ will be suspending their group activities pretty soon after completing all their planned schedules. This is largely due to the lawsuit filed by JaeJoong, YooChun and Junsu against SM Entertainment for their slavery contract to be amended. 

As spoke in the aftermath of the lawsuit, TVXQ will complete their planned schedules before the lawsuit was filed which will end on 29th August. Beyond that, TVXQ will be taking a “vacation”, with regards to group activities, although solo activities will continue.

There are still two live performances for fans to catch TVXQ together as a group before their vacation, the first being A-Nation in Osaka, Japan and their Shanghai concert.

The court has already heard both sides of the story from SM Entertainment and the TVXQ trio (JaeJoong, YooChun and Junsu) earlier. Although the court has advised both parties to sit down and settle their differences, it’s kind of unlikely that a solution would be reached at this juncture. The ruling of the case will be decided on 11th September, where fans all over the world would be glued to their computers, hoping that TVXQ will still exist as a group.

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