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Lee Junki Launches His “Sawasdee Khrab” Photo Book

Lee Junki attended the launch of his new photo book, Sawasdee Khrab on 27th September.

The launch event was held at Central World, where over 100 journalists and 1,000 fans were awaiting his presence. The event was marked by Lee Junki handing over the 1st issue of his photo book to the Thai government while government officials presented him with a plaque to thank him for raising Thailand’s profile in the world.

This photo book was produced to commemorate the 50th year anniversary of the Korea Thailand Communication Centers (KTCC). With the backdrop of the best sights in Thailand, it will show Lee Junki promoting the idea of being able to relax and let loose from his hectic lifestyle. Following the launch in Thailand, Lee Junki will be promoting it from 5th October onwards in Korea, Japan before ending it in China.



Hottests continue to boycott 2PM in Thailand

After 2PM‘s Jaebeom‘s departure from the group, 2PM‘s fans, Hottests, have declared they will be boycotting 2PM until Jaebeom is back and the fans have stayed true to their word.

Through a travel agency in Thailand, an event was to be held for a total of 100 fans to sign up and get a chance to go on a 5 day trip to Bangkok with
2PM‘s Nichkhun. But as the Hottests have proclaimed that “”We all reject a 2PMwithout Jaebeom“, one by one the Hottests have been canceling their opportunity to meet the star and are backing out on the event.

A representative stated, “We had around 90 participants in the event but now we have about 30 left.” But it seems this event will still be taking place despite the small number of participants.

TVXQ’s Jae Joong a Ghost?!

A Thai television program, RuengJingPanJor (Thai Real TV), has reported that they found pictures of a ‘female holy spirit’ and it’s causing a lot of controversy. (

RuengJingPanJor is a TV show that tries to prove or clear up rumors of unusual events. On one of the episodes, it was reported that a Thai villager took a picture of a tree with his cell phone, and found a mysterious ghost lurking around it. They zoomed into the pictures taken, and… OMG IT’S JAE JOONG!

Thai Cassies are co-operating with RuengJingPanJor to verify if the holy spirit is real or not (as it could’ve been photoshopped) and if it is actually Jae Joong.
So far, they have found crucial evidence that the picture of the ghost is identical to a screenshot of Jae Joong from a Korean TV show ‘Golden Fishery’.

left:jae in golden fishery...right:the jae ghost??

left:jae in golden fishery...right:the jae ghost??