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Show Luo and Alice Tseng’s Wedding?!?



Jay Chou will record latest album in Hollywood

After recently completing the production for his latest upcoming movie, PandaMan, Jay Chou immediately took off to Hollywood for the shooting of The Green Hornet, where he plays Kato, the sidekick to Seth Rogen’s titular Green Hornet. Apart from that, the multi-hyphenate and multiple-award winning singer also wrapped up his concert tour, leaving eager fans with no news about his upcoming music album.

Staunchly sticking to his promise of producing one album a year, Jay shared that he had finished composing ten new songs for his upcoming album. Due to work commitments, however, he will be recording and producing it in the States, where he is presently working, instead of Taiwan.

A prolific name in the industry, Jay can be constantly seen and heard helping out his younger juniors with their musical forays. The singer laughed as he reminisced about his music debut from a singing competition in his younger days, “Look at the competition as a form of game. You must acknowledge yourself to be the number one in your heart – no matter what the judges say. This is the most important point!”

To look more realistic in the role of Kato in The Green Hornet, Jay willingly piled on weight for the movie and was even teased by the media for his weight gain and double-chin. Despite the weight gain, diehard fans of the singer remain unperturbed and remarked, “The fit and meaty Jay still looks really handsome!”

♥♥♥Vic Zhou and Ariel Lin’s embrace♥♥♥


On Aug. 26 Vic Chou and Ariel Lin, along with 10,000 people were at Shanghai’s Yuanshen Sports Center Stadium to take part in a special QiXi (Chinese Valentine’s Day) event — “10,000 People Embracing,” marking a new Guinness Book of Records for the highest number of couples embracing. Vic, who’s popular with the ladies, seemed to have been caught in a dilemma – first saying that hugging Ariel gave him the best feeling (?) and then turning around and couldn’t seem to forget Da S, remembering the car accident four years ago.

Hard to forget love affair with Da S

Vic Chou and Ariel Lin participated in an “adventure party” in Shanghai yesterday. The theme was to create a new world record for couples embracing, with the couples required to hug each other tightly for 10 seconds. A lot of observers were curious how these two non-lovers would embrace other. Ariel looked kind of shy, while Vic, who’s filmed several “hug” scenes in his dramas, helped her out by stating frankly that the most-felt hug for him was when they embraced each other during the filming of the [Kangshifu] ad. “Lin Yi-chen looks small, slim and strong (?), but embracing her gives [one] quite a feeling.” [*sorry for the sucky translation: 看上去瘦小的林依晨感覺蠻結實,抱起來很有感覺。]

But when asked about his thoughts on the most romantic scene/spot, it looked like Vic was unable to forget Da S. “As long as it’s the right person, the woman that you favor in your heart, I think any place would become romantic, even if something unexpected happens, like the scene of a car accident.” One couldn’t help but remember the year 2005 when Vic was in a car accident and Da S cared for him, which was the beginning of their love affair. Asked if this “accident” refers to that incident four years ago, Vic said: “Everybody knows what it is.”

Every drama is a “transformation”

Vic’s transformation in “Black and White” has caught a lot of people’s attention. Yesterday, he clarified that he didn’t take on this role because he wanted a change (*to transform himself). “Actually, I’ve tried to make a transformation in every drama that I’ve done. I don’t really know what ‘type’ I am, so I have different characterizations (?) in each drama.”

What do Vic and Ariel, who have never collaborated [in a drama], hope they could work together on screen? The two were interviewed separately, but their answers were of “one mind.” Ariel said she hoped it would be drama on the relationship between a psychiatrist and a patient, as “this could be a test of [our] acting skills.” As for Vic, he said he hoped they could do a non-mainstream art film, such as a “crazy person” because “this type of films can help raise our acting skills. I’ve been performing for 10 years, I don’t want people to keep on viewing me as a ‘vase.’ That would be unfair to Director Tsai [*not sure how to translate this, what he actually said was這樣對不起柴導 something like he would feel sorry/ashamed for not doing better or improving since his discovered by Dir Tsai/Cai]. He also said that he’s focusing on acting and wouldn’t consider releasing an album for the time being.

watch here:

“Hot Shot” will Air in Japan

GTV’s “Hot Shot” is an idol drama directed by Lin He Long, known as the “Fast Director,” and casted with Show Luo, Jerry Yan, and Wu Zun. It talks about two very important basketball players’ stories on the basketball court. The Thunders and the Ones are long term competitors. The important players in the Thunders, Dong Fang Xiang (Jerry Yan) and Yuan Da Ying (Show Luo) have their own skills and abilities. As for Wu Ji Zun (Wu Zun) in the Ones, he is the killer.

The airing last year in Taiwan brought up a trend; now this trend is going over to Japan.

This idol drama will definitely have a Japanese version as it will be aired in Japan. Though because the drama is so popular, who does the voice-overs is an important point everyone focuses on. The popular Katsuyuki Konishi, Granrodeo, and Daisuke Namikawa will play the voice-overs for the three main characters of the drama. “Hot Shot” will again become big in Japan.

A Game About Love sa Telebabad!!

Ang “Game About Love” na isang taiwanese series na pinagbibdahan ni Joe Chen (Frog Prince,Fated to Love You) bilang Lalaine..ay ipapalabas sa GMA7 Telebabad simula August 31!



  • Title: 剪刀 石頭 布 / Jian Dao Shi Tou Bu
  • English title: A Game About Love
  • Also known as: Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Genre: Romance / Comedy
  • Episodes: 27
  • Broadcast network: CTS
  • Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-08 to 2006-Dec-14
  • Air time: Weekdays 21:00
  • Opening theme song: Xiao Nu Ren (小女人) Little Woman by Jasmine Ting
  • Ending theme song: Ai Bu Zai (愛不在) Love Isn’t Here by Melody
  • Insert song: Rang Wo Jing Yi Jing (讓我靜一靜) Let Me Calm Down by Van Fan


After Ke-luo’s recognition party, Qi-xiang and Ke-luo finish cleaning up the studio. As they are rather tired, they start messing around and knock down a vase, which starts a fire. At the same time, Duo-li who just finished working overtime looked outside the window and saw smoke in the building across from hers. She hurriedly rushed out to check..

Meanwhile, Qi-xiang and Ke-luo had quickly put out the fire and in the process, hurt Ke-luo’s foot. Finding that the power got cut and the doors got locked, they decide to settle down and wait for help. Duo-li hurries and finds that there are people inside and help them call the police to open the doors for them. She waits outside with them until the cops arrive, then leaves, leaving Qi-xiang and Ke-luo mystified. Ke-luo feels a connection with Duo-li and asks Qi-xiang to find her for him. The next day, Duo-li’s co-worker, Jia-shan, who is also her boss’s daughter has a date with a rich guy. Jia-shan asks Duo-li to go with her, who agrees. It turns out the rich guy is Qi-xiang, but Duo-li doesn’t know that. The date goes on well until the end of it when Jia-shan leaves without telling Duo-li. Duo-li, who is hurriedly trying to catch up with Jia-shan trips into Qi-xiang and brings them both on the ground. As Qi-xiang’s clothes got dirtied, Duo-li insists on paying for them, but at the same time she is called to return back to work. Hastily, she writes down her work number for Qi-xiang to contact her, but in her rush she forgets to leave her name. Qi-xiang gets a call that the mystery girl got identified is called Duo-li and decides to go check her out..

Qi-xiang goes to Duo-li’s workplace, to discover that it is also where Jia-shan, his annoying date today, works. Jia-shan sweetly helps Qi-xiang find Duo-li, who is a little confused as she wasn’t expecting anyone that day. When Duo-li knocks at the door and Qi-xiang turns around, she realizes that he was the guy she accidently pushed down today. Now how did he find me so quickly?


Jay Chou officially cast as The Green Hornet’s Kato

Although it was reported by The Korea Times that Kwon Sang Woo was THISCLOSE to nailing the role of KatoColumbia Pictures recently issued an official statement naming Jay Chou as The Green Hornet’s Kato. This in no way is depressing news — a sexy, talented Asian male celebrity is still intact for Kato. If you’re not familiar with Jay Chou, he’s a Taiwanese celebrity of all trades and is an accomplished musician, singer, actor, director AND producer.

In response to his official casting Chou said,“It’s an overwhelming experience to take on a role made famous by Bruce Lee. I won’t try to be Bruce Lee’s Kato – I will try to bring my own interpretation to the part. Of course, it’s a dream role, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”