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SNSD receives some love from 2PM

The members of famous male idol group, 2PM, each revealed who their ideal girl is on a variety program. Amazingly, SNSD / Girl’s Generation seems to be the goal for the 2PM boys.
Nichkhun already revealed that YoonA was his ideal girl type, but fellow 2PM member Chansung also revealed that YoonA would be perfect for him.
The leader Jaebeom, revealed that a “sexy, yet cute girl, like Jessica would be the “ideal girl.” The leader also serenaded Jessica with a very charismatic dance in order to capture her heart.

But that’s not all! Back in early August, it looks like member Junho made a move on Sooyoung as well! 


Kim Jung Hoon likes SNSD’s Tae Yeon!

Singer and actor Kim Jung Hoon is said to be having a vacation for his 100th day in the military. He met his family and friends and is said be looking over his 1st solo album.

Just before his vacation, he commented that, “I cannot believe it has already been 100 days” and that, “I realized the importance of his family and fans” on a phone conversation with his acquaintance. He also commented that, “Ever since I was in the military, I have started to have a liking for SNSD’s Tae Yeon.”

Kim Jung Hoon’s related source revealed that, “He didn’t have any interest in girl entertainers in the past but he changed ever since entering the military.” “Kim Jung Hoon was very happy after getting SNSD to autograph his CD.” “He even thanked the SNSD girls for writing a lengthy message for him.”

After finishing with an excellent record on basic military training, he also received the “best soldier award.” He is currently on post, guarding the North Korea border line GOP in KangWonDeo ChulWon.

With the release of his 1st solo album on September 1st, he met his Korean fans after his UN activities for the first time in 3 1/2 years.

GaraGaraGo Gee!!!


SNSD’s Pension Holiday

The hidden everyday life of SNSD will be revealed on the second season of ‘Beauty N Diary.’

The second season of ‘Beauty N Diary’ has already become a large issue due to its successful predecessor, which was downloaded over 100,000 times within 15 days on various websites. The first season, released last June, contained footage of SNSD at various places including a baseball field, movie theatre, and a art gallery.

The second season of ‘Beauty N Diary’ is about SNSD’s pension holiday. SNSD was given four themes: ‘Soshi’s Mypet,’ ‘Soshi’s UCC (self-cam),’ ‘Do Whatever You Want Soshi’ and ‘Tell Me the Truth.’ The second season will share with us a story of the members, who were previously unable to even consider a vacation due to their overwhelming schedule, just simply being themselves. They will be shown enjoying their beautiful pension holiday and spending some sweet time with the group, while discussing stories related to the four themes.

Hyoyeon’s suspicious eyes upon receiving an invitation, Sunny’s sweet date with a puppy that resembles her, Taeyeon grabbing the megaphone for the girls’ UCC , and Tiffany constantly drinking ‘Miero-fiber’ while taking good care of her skin; these various scenes of the girls, displaying their natural image and enjoying themselves, will be revealed.

Beginning on August 28th, new previews of ‘Beauty N Diary’ will be released on the Miero homepage every week until October 2nd. These previews will bring good news especially to the fans who are saddened by the end of the ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ promotional activities.

♣Kim Kyung Ho’s Ideal Woman♣


Rocker Kim KyungHo has picked So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon as his ideal type of woman.

He was on KBC Happy FM on Lee Yoon Seok and Yoon JungSoo’s show and was asked the question, “Not talking about the questions asked during broadcast all these time, is there a question you wish to hear?” and he answered, “I wish to talk about the idols who are popular these days.”

And DJ Lee YoonSeok asked, “What are your thoughts about idols?” Kim KyungHo said, “When I meet idol groups, because of the age difference I don’t see them as the opposite gender. But not long ago, I saw the 9 members of So Nyeo Shi Dae on a music program and they came up and greeted me “Hello! We are So Nyeo Shi Dae”. I was so nervous I thought I would die.”

And DJ Yoon asked, “Who do you like in So Nyeo Shi Dae”. And Kim KyungHo answered without hesitation “TaeYeon”. He also picks her as his ideal type of woman with her nice and simple looks. He also picked WonderGirls YooBin has his ideal type because of her sexy image.