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2PM + 2NE1

please support..if you want 2PM to collaborate with 2NE1 !!


Brother ni Dara sumisikat na rin!!!

2ne1 Dara’s younger brother, Park Sang Hyun aka Cheondung / Thunder of MBLAQ is starting to make also his own name..

getting the looks and style from her noona,,he is definitely going to make girls fangirl over him…

kadedebut pa lang niya sa grupong MBLAQ that was produced by Bi, nag-feature na agad xa sa MV ni Lyn na “New Celebration”…….para sakin,,ok lang ung rap nya,,

Goodluck sa inyong dalawa Dara and Cheondung!!HWAITING!!!

A New Kim Jung Hoon

UN member Kim Jung Hoon was always known for his cute and charming image but for the first time in 9 years after debuting, Kim Jung Hoon showed a dark image with smokey makeup black hair.

The reason why Kim Jung Hoon is showing this dark image is because this is his sexy concept for his 1st solo mini album. His title song is  “In your Eyes”.

This is Kim Jung Hoon’s return to the music scene after 3 years and a half after his days as a member of UN.


KPOP dominating Philippine Charts!!!


♣Kim Kyung Ho’s Ideal Woman♣


Rocker Kim KyungHo has picked So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon as his ideal type of woman.

He was on KBC Happy FM on Lee Yoon Seok and Yoon JungSoo’s show and was asked the question, “Not talking about the questions asked during broadcast all these time, is there a question you wish to hear?” and he answered, “I wish to talk about the idols who are popular these days.”

And DJ Lee YoonSeok asked, “What are your thoughts about idols?” Kim KyungHo said, “When I meet idol groups, because of the age difference I don’t see them as the opposite gender. But not long ago, I saw the 9 members of So Nyeo Shi Dae on a music program and they came up and greeted me “Hello! We are So Nyeo Shi Dae”. I was so nervous I thought I would die.”

And DJ Yoon asked, “Who do you like in So Nyeo Shi Dae”. And Kim KyungHo answered without hesitation “TaeYeon”. He also picks her as his ideal type of woman with her nice and simple looks. He also picked WonderGirls YooBin has his ideal type because of her sexy image.

☺HeeChul for TaeMin☺

Super Junior Kim HeeChul shows support to junior SHINee TaeMin with cameo drama appearance on MBC sitcom ‘TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyunie’.

Kim Hee Chul was at the filming set for the drama on 3rd August and participated in the drama filming. The reason why he did the cameo appearance was for his junior SHINee TaeMin. The 2 are known as ‘celebrity lookalikes’ and it will be a fun episode on ‘Tae-Hye-Ji’ with the 2 of them appearing together.

Meanwhile, the episode featuring Kim HeeChul will air on 12th August.


♥♠♣♦2NE1’s 1st minialbum near to 100K SALE♦♣♠♥


Group 2NE1’s first debut album is just a few steps away from reaching the 100K album sales mark.

The title song ‘I Don’t Care’ off their 1st minialbum is also #1 on various music charts. Their achievements as a newcomer singer group is almost unbelievable, and threatening the stronghold of the existing strong singers.

YG Entertainment said, “Even though it is about 1 month since the album is released, it is still selling about 1000 copies a day. We are continuously adding to the production of 2NE1’s minialbum, and up till now we have produced 80K copies, and we have just recently produced anohter 20K. With that the production for 2NE1’s minialbum has crossed the 100K mark.”

All these while, for a new singer to do well on album chart is not easy. For existing singers, it has to depend on a certain degree of fandom to achieve it and the effect can only be seen at the start of their album release.

YG Entertainment added, “2NE1, who has just released their 1st album, is a group with more to show. Do anticipate more from them as they will be showing more new sides of them.”

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is #1 for 3 weeks through on KBS Music Bank, and #1 2 weeks through on SBS Inkiagyo, doing very well on music shows.

HeeChul to act again ☻☻☻


Kim HeeChul of Super Junior (26) will be back as an actor for weekend drama ‘Love you ten thousand times’.

He appeared on drama previously on SBS weekend drama ‘Golden Bride’ as a university student YeongSoo, and this time he will be acting as a part-time worker on a snack bar named ‘Lee BaeDal’.

The first airing of the drama will take place on 29th August. It is said that Kim HeeChul will have a comedian role in the drama, as Kim ChungJa who is the scriptwriter of dramas in the 50s, and is one who would be dumped by girls in one morning after going after them.

Kim HeeChul was chosen for the role because of his usual brave and comedian side.

(Park Su-jin will play the role of Oh Nan-jeong, a materialistic girl who dreams of becoming a diligent house wife and pursues a one-sided love forKang Hyun, the son of the president of a large company. Despite her one-sided love for Kang Hyun, she eventually falls in love with Lee Bae-dal, who has consistently been pursuing her heart.)

a girl group that changes all

2ne1 under the rain

2ne1 under the rain

….kakaiba sa lahat!,,

yan siguro ang dahilan kung bakit mabilis nilang nahuli ang kiliti ng mga kpop lovers…

dahil iba ang dating nila mapa-fashion man o sa music,,naging madali anf fame and fortune sa kanila..

isama pa na famous noon dito sa Philippines si Sandara na ngaun ay mas kilala sa stage name na “Dara”

sila ang first korean girl group na nagustuhan ko talaga…i love anything and everything about them,,hope their fame will last longer than anybody  else’s..kasi sa mundo easy come easy go ang mga bagay bagay,,sana ingatan nila kung anong meron sila ngaun para di agad mawala un…

i will support them!!! Go 2NE1!!HWAITING!!!