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15,000 roses for the return of Jaebeom


Amidst the unfortunate news regarding the closing of 2PM’sauction (due to two antis who were responsible for the whack bidding), K-Hottests have found yet another means of showing their support for the fallen leader of 2PM.

After having prepared for this event for 4 weeks, members of a 2PM union fancafe called Neo-Hottest adorned the exterior of the JYP Entertainment building with 15,000 origami roses that read “Waiting For Jay ♥” on October 25th and 26th. The purpose of this special occasion was to express the fanclub’s boycott against a 2PM without Jaebeom, who has resigned from his position as the leader of the 7-member group following the effects of the Myspace controversy.

A member of the fanclub stated, “Each paper rose was hand-made by many fans who shared the same hope that Jaebeom will return to 2PM as the leader. Since numerous people contributed to folding the origami, we hope that our efforts will not go unnoticed.”

After 7 PM on the 26th, the decorations were taken down by the fancafe.


Jonghun’s Message of Support for Jaebeom?!?

Jaebeom of 2PM has been receiving a lot of heat due to past comments on his Myspace. Although JYP has announced that 2PM activities are currently cancelled, fans will be relieved to know that Jaebeom will definitely not be leaving the group. His fellow members have also posted words of encouragement and assurance to fans on their cyworld but only to receive criticism from netizens. Despite this, Jonghun still posted a message on his cyworld:

“Isn’t the world too scary? The past is the past…I understand the feeling of that person who is in trouble now…Fighting!”

It does not directly state that Jaebeom’s the subject of his message but it is quite obviously geared towards him.

What is next for 2PM’s JaeBum?

It will not be easy for 2PM member JaeBum, who has been criticised for his offending messages written on his myspace page, to get out of the public eye and criticisms.

With that, JYP Entertainment has gone with the situation, and had decided accordingly not to have JaeBum appear in the media’s eye for the time being.

He will be put on a self-discipline period for the time being.

This will also have a significant effect for the group’s upcoming album to be release early-October. With that JYP’s representative said on 7th September, “For the time being, 2PM will not have any broadcast schedule, and all scheduled events will also be cancelled. But the recording for their album and dance practice will still continue accordingly.”

JYP’s representative also said, “The messages which JaeBum wrote in 2005 on his own MySpace page is just an exaggeration to his friends back in the States. But because of the way and his language of expressing his ideas, he has received many disagreements and unhappiness from the mass public.  Currently JaeBum is reflecting on his wrong in the dormitary and he is also skipping meals. He understands the magnitude of his mistake.”

Before this, many netizens are calling for him to be banned from broadcast shows and even from the group.

JYP’s stance:

Park Jinyoung, representative of JYP Entertainment, has spoken up about Jaebum’s future activities with 2PM. “Although, we feel very guilty and sorry for all the people who have been disappointed by Park Jaebum’s past mistakes, I will not be taking him out of the group. Many people have been suggesting ideas of banning Park Jaebum out of 2PM, but that will never happen. We believe that he has done something wrong, but as a whole, we do not think it is enough to be taking his dreams and goals away from him. This was not a decision made by only the JYPE staff, but it was something all of the fellow 2PM members have agreed to.

2PM’s Jaebeom to be kicked off variety show?

2PM‘s leader Jaebeom has been receiving much attention having been one of the main cast in MBC’sSunday, Sunday Night.” In “Sunday, Sunday Night”, he has been filming for a new corner called, No-Da-Gee.

No-Da-Gee is a variety show based on Korea’s history where the show’s cast is basically suppose to go around Korea’s historical landmarks and complete missions, in order to complete Korea’s treasure map.

Because he was born and raised in America, Jaebeom is not fully aware of Korea’s culture and history. Even so, viewers had criticized him when he was not able to sing Korea’s national anthem in one of the episodes.

From the controversies of Jaebeom’s past mistakes surfacing, on top of him not knowing Korea’s national anthem by heart, there are discussions being made on whether Jaebeom will be able to stay on the show or not. As a settlement was not made on September 5th, the day his
myspace controversy arose, it has been announced that one would be made by the 7th.