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Brother ni Dara sumisikat na rin!!!

2ne1 Dara’s younger brother, Park Sang Hyun aka Cheondung / Thunder of MBLAQ is starting to make also his own name..

getting the looks and style from her noona,,he is definitely going to make girls fangirl over him…

kadedebut pa lang niya sa grupong MBLAQ that was produced by Bi, nag-feature na agad xa sa MV ni Lyn na “New Celebration”…….para sakin,,ok lang ung rap nya,,

Goodluck sa inyong dalawa Dara and Cheondung!!HWAITING!!!


More Dara-Minho Kiss!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


2NE1’s Sandara Park’s solo digital album cover released!

Shortly after releasing information about Sandara Park‘s upcoming single, the cover art for her single has been revealed as well, increasing anticipation among fans who will be able to purchase the single album on 7th September. The song will also be included in 2NE1’s new album scheduled for October. Check out the album cover.


Dara’s 3rd kiss goes to Lee Min Ho!!♥♥♥

1st is Big Bang’s T.O.P


2nd is Iljimae’s Jung Il Woo

dara and il woo

the very recent is BOF’s Lee Min Ho


who’s next?!?……….LUCKY!!!!she looks very compatible with anyone! ryt?!?

2NE1 Sandara Park goes solo with digital single ‘Kiss’

2NE1 member Sandara Park will be releasing a digital single ‘Kiss’ coming 7th September. This is her first solo song released in Korea.

2NE1 who will be ending their promotions for ‘I Don’t Care’ by this week, Sandara Park will go into her solo activities without beforehand news about it. Sandara Park’s ‘Kiss’ is composed by YG main producer Teddy, and will be included in 2NE1’s new album set to be released coming October.

2NE1 has been adopting a different promotion technique of one-week-one-performance. And they also put up new dance choreography every week and for ‘I Don’t Care’ they have shown 3 different remix versions of the song for their performance.

It is also known that the main vocal of the group Park Bom and rapper CL are preparing for their solo songs. And with the sudden news of Sandara Park doing her solo activities, more anticipation are for the group’s promotion in the future.

The song ‘Kiss’ will also feature CL’s rap. This pop genre song talks about the wish of a girl for the guy she likes to come closer and share a kiss.

YG Entertainment said, “2NE1 is a group with members with different talents and individuality. With Sandara Park’s solo song ‘Kiss’, the group members will each show their own charms through their own solo songs.”

2NE1 will be promoting their followup hits from this week which are the 4 other songs from the group’s first minialbum – performing one different song per week.

They will be performing the song ‘Pretty Boy’ on SBS Inkigayo this week, and will go on to perform other songs like ‘Stay Together’ and ‘Let’s Go Party’.

Meanwhile, the reggae remix of the group’s hit ‘I Don’t Care’ will be released on 3rd September.

dara-inspired look (@@@@@@@@@)


GD feat. Dara

GD’s Hello from his Heartbreaker album feat. 2NE1’s Dara!


F.T. Island’s Minhwan is 2NE1’s Dara fanboy!

On August 21st the boys of F.T. Island had a VIP Interview with cable channel KBS Joy program “Entertainment News.”

According to Star News, Minhwan revealed that 2NE1’s Sandara Park has caught his eye. He also revealed that although he never talked to her before, he would like to go out and have some tea with her, which drew applause / clapping from his fellow members.


Dara’s message for Filipinos (>_<)

Dara updated her me2day…here’s her message for her filipino frendz!

diz is for ma pinoy frnds! nandto nako sa korea!thank u sooo much for ur support,sa love,sa mga gifts for 2NE1 and yg family! sobrang natouch ako! i m…3824452802_5b3d74cf12