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Song Hye Kyo goes to Guangzhou to shoot a commercial, praises her partner Nicholas Tse for being a gentleman

In Beijing standard time on the 1st September, Hong Kong media reported, Korean star Song Hye Kyo had previously flew to Guangzhou to film a mainland advertisement for casual wear with Nicholas Tse. During that period Song Hye Kyo’s air-conditioning in her dressing room broke down, Nicholas Tse allowed her to come into his dressing room to take shelter, Song Hye Kyo praised him greatly for being a gentleman.

Song Hye Kyo partnered up with Nicholas Tse in this latest commercial, although the two are rarely at the same airport, but finally the chance has arrived for them to be able to be in the same room! On the day of the shoot Song Hye Kyo’s air conditioning in her dressing room broke down, resulting in the room temperature to be more than 34°C, but the attentive Nicholas on his own accord was willing to share half his dressing room with her and told Song Hye Kyo to sit closer to the air conditioner so that her make up wouldn’t melt. This made Song Hye Kyo praise Nicholas for being gentlemanly. As this wasn’t Song Hye Kyo’s 1st time in Guangzhou she knew where to find the local delicacies, so she asked her assistant to buy dumplings and steamed buns for her lunch making her raise her thumb crazily to show her praise.

Further more, Song Hye Kyo’s boyfriend Hyun Bin previously did a shoot for a magazine and revealed that their drama “The world that they live in” will be released in Japan. He will fly to Japan to do promotions and he also revealed he would like to go to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to meet with his fans.