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Most expensive star name?

The August 17th episode of the MBC culture program “Good Day” investigated the estimated value of the top celebrity names/trademarks.

In ascending order, sixth place goes to thespians Won Bin and Choi Ji-woo who tied with an estimated value of 30-40 billion won. Pays off to always have a movie or television role on hand~

Fifth place goes to Dong-bang-shin-ki with an estimated 40-50 billion won. Their name may not be number one, but that amount is nothing to sneer at; no wonder SM Entertainment is clamoring to get the trademark rights to the name DBSK.

Shinhwa may currently not be conducting activities as a whole group, but their name comes in fourth place with an estimated worth of 50 billion won. Being a “legend” for ten plus years doesn’t amount to just any chump change.

Her success in American may be somewhat questionable, but there’s no question that BoA could be confused for the “Bank of Asia” as she snags third place with an estimated value of 100 billion won.

No surprise here, second place goes to the mega hallyu star Bae Yong-joon with an estimated worth of more than 100 billion won. That Korean language DS game with his name on it must be selling like hot cakes.

First place with an estimated 180 billion won goes to none other than the Korea’s rock god, Seo Taiji. No wonder he was the first celebrity to have his very own credit card and cell phone named after him. His name just screams “$$$”.