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2PM + 2NE1

please support..if you want 2PM to collaborate with 2NE1 !!


Brother ni Dara sumisikat na rin!!!

2ne1 Dara’s younger brother, Park Sang Hyun aka Cheondung / Thunder of MBLAQ is starting to make also his own name..

getting the looks and style from her noona,,he is definitely going to make girls fangirl over him…

kadedebut pa lang niya sa grupong MBLAQ that was produced by Bi, nag-feature na agad xa sa MV ni Lyn na “New Celebration”…….para sakin,,ok lang ung rap nya,,

Goodluck sa inyong dalawa Dara and Cheondung!!HWAITING!!!

2NE1 for Sudden Attack

Official Yoon Jang Yeol from GAMEHI – the service provider of Sudden Attack – revealed through CJ Internet on the 15th, ‘We will be adding 2NE1 characters to Sudden Attack. 2NE1 will join Rain and Big Bang as the third celebrity characters in game. GAMEHI has specially inserted real voices of 2NE1 members, and are also allowing gamers to select the group’s song ‘Pretty Boy’ as their background music in the game lobby.’


Park Chan Chong Fully Agrees and Supports TVXQ’s Fanclub

TVXQ’s fanclub had exposed SM Entertainment’s inhuman contract with TVXQ through advertisements on the newspaper. Regarding this, Mr. Park Chan Chong (former governor) stated that he “fully supports and agrees” with them.

Mr. Park expressed, “Our government has the responsibility to arrest those who make mistakes. This should be settled through the rule of law, to prove a democratic society.”

Last 4th of August, Mr. Park had commented on the lawsuit issue between TVXQ and SM Entertainment, “On the basics of slave contracts, it had violated ‘Defraud’ (Article 348 of the Constitution) and ‘Inappropriate income’ (Article 349 of the Constitution).”

“TVXQ’s fanclub focused on the ‘slave contract’ in the lawsuit, to submit the petition to the Seoul Central Court.

On top of that, they also raised funds and collected signatures. To date, over 190k of signatures have been collected, of which 70k came from the online petition and 120k from the offline petition.”

Civil servants and governors stated that the government should supervise this incident. Last year, they had stopped all the awful and offensive comments by the “Choi Jin-sil Law.” Now, it’s time to stop these inhuman acts from agency companies by the “TVXQ Law.”

At the moment, TVXQ cannot have events in Korea, but they are going to hold a concert in China, which upset the fans, especially with the cancellation of the concert that was scheduled on the 9th of August with unacceptable reason. Fans had submitted a request of compensation to the Korean Consumer Agency, for SM Entertainment to compensate 10% of the cost of sold tickets.

However, it’s the first time that concert was cancelled due to a lawsuit issue, therefore, the Korea Consumer Agency has to make a decision with caution.

Mr. Park expressed that “Request for compensation is possible” and this, by any chance, might result in (SM Entertainment who violates the law) into difficulties. Lastly, he said, “I hope that TVXQ can hold their concerts in Korea in the near future, and meet their fans.”

T/N: Mr. Park Chan Chong is a lawyer and former governor of South Korea.

The SJM whirlwind lands in Happiness Base Camp


Toward the end of September, Asian popular band Super Junior M will appear on Hunan TV’s OPPO REAL Music Cellphone “Happiness Base Camp”. At that time, the seven cute members will not only bring an all new moving album, but will also show the commercial that they filmed with OPPO, showing their cool image perfectly.

During SJM’s second time on “Happiness Base Camp”s stage, what kind of sparks will they start with the audience? Will the formerly shy members, return as kings, show a different type of charm? What kind of mysterious special guest will there be this time, springing on these unprepared big boys? What kinds of surprises will the wise Teacher He, the strange Nana, and the nonsensical Happiness Family bring together with SJM? At the moment, everything is a secret, but the excitement level will overflow.

OPPO Entertainment Forum will keep an eye on SJM’s schedule with “Happiness Base Camp”, and will bring the newest news as fast as possible. At the same time, the forum will hold a series of events; everyone can make suggestions for SJM’s experiences on “Happiness Base Camp”, and maybe your suggestion will be picked, and you can watch the SJM members specially perform for you!

OPPO Forum has also prepared the cutest presents– OPPO REAL Music Cellphone “Happiness Base Camp” tickets! Everyone can use this chance to participate in OPPO Entertainment Forum’s different activities and try for the tickets. Please visit OPPO’s official site.

Source: 腾讯网,
Translated by:

from the Happiness Base Camp Baidu Bar:
Zhang Liyin will probably be with them.
And Geng says he might bring Heechul with them.
Also, a few days ago, the Happiness family went to Korea and filmed with Super Junior. Apparently they just got back like today.
There’s speculation as to what they were doing in Korea.

Yunho’s Manddang saved 200 million won!!

The power of DBSK / TVXQ and Yunho has saved the staff of Heading To The Ground from shelling out 200 million Won to film the drama.

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday mini-series Heading to the Ground stars TVXQ’s leader Jung Yunho (U-Know Yunho) as the lead role. On August 31st, approximately 4000 fans flocked to the Seoul Sangam World Cup Stadium for the open filming of ‘Heading to the Ground’ to cheer Jung Yunho on. Usually, extras are paid 50,000 to 60,000 Won per person ($40~$48) and to fill the stadium with extras would have cost the staff of the drama 200 million Won. However, they did not have to pay this amount of money thanks to TVXQ fans.

One representative of Heading to the Ground stated, “It is an absolute must to have a scene that shows soccer fans cheering in ‘Heading to the Ground’ which revolves around soccer. Thanks to the fact that we casted Jung Yunho in this drama, we don’t have to worry about paying extras. Because the fans have diligently created various cheers for TVXQ during their concerts, they were complete pros when it came to cheering. We didn’t need to guide them at all.“

The filming for that day was a special event to commemorate the opening of Heading to the Ground’s homepage. TVXQ fans came as early as 3 to 4 hours before filming started and waited. The aforementioned representative said, “It wasn’t only fans in their teens or 20s, we saw some fans in their 40s and 50s as well. This open filming allowed us to estimate how much anticipation and attention is being put on Jung Yunho’s debut drama.”

Manddang PD: “I don’t even know that Yunho is TVXQ”

August 2nd at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hannam-dong, Seoul, the head PD of ‘Manddang’ PD Park Sung-soo attending the drama conference said, “Seriously, at our first meeting there wasn’t any impression of Asian star, idol singer within him at all. Thanks to Jung Yunho’s group, there’s awakening awareness towards the drama.”

“Already living in Seoul for 10 years of mature experiences, we talk a lot to each other and feel kinship between us. He’s a friend who knows the hardship and fun of life, I feel thankful to have a chance to produce drama with this kind of friend.”

As an idol and TVXQ member, no matter (staffs) trying to hide about the shooting scene, everything will come out to public in the end. At every shooting spots, there are always more than 100 fans gathering. Regarding this, PD Lee Dae-hee responded, “Yunho’s fans on the shooting sites are very nice and obedient to our rules. To the recording itself, they’re not threatening at all.”

Yunho ever mentioned to PD Park Sung-soo that once he was homeless in Seoul. “Going alone from Gwangju to Seoul, I believe he had been suffering a lot of troubles. Being homeless, and had a hard job as well.” he said. Then he explained about the character Cha Bon-gun “He (Bong-gun) also already passed close to death experiences several times in his life such as falling from 4th floor of a church, yet never once gave up, in this term, they seems to have a lot of alikeness.”

The PD continued about the plan of his drama, “I’d like to create a drama where audiences can make a new interpretation about popular sympathy towards one human being.”

“Heading To The Ground”, about a player named Cha Bong-gun who can’t help but quit his football after his club was closed down, but after he meets the passionate agent Kang Hae-bin (Go Ara), he starts to draws his football back.

20 episodes, “Heading To The Ground”’s ‘Night Special Issue’ pilot episode will broadcast on September 9th.

Tohoshinki’s Japan Activities Will Continue

The 5 member group TVXQ, whose 3 members have filed a lawsuit against their agency due to problems with their Exclusive Contract, will continue on with their Japan activities.

TVXQ, on the 29th, have announced the truth about them appearing in the CF of a particular Japan biscuit brand through their Japanese website.

In September, the second version of PINKY’s CF will be broadcasted nationwide, also, the digital single ‘Endless Sweetness’ that was sung by them as a song for the CF is predicted to be released on the 23rd.

According to the respective websites, members Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong will also go for a recording for NHK’s music program ‘Music Japan’ on the 7th of September.

2NE1 Sandara Park goes solo with digital single ‘Kiss’

2NE1 member Sandara Park will be releasing a digital single ‘Kiss’ coming 7th September. This is her first solo song released in Korea.

2NE1 who will be ending their promotions for ‘I Don’t Care’ by this week, Sandara Park will go into her solo activities without beforehand news about it. Sandara Park’s ‘Kiss’ is composed by YG main producer Teddy, and will be included in 2NE1’s new album set to be released coming October.

2NE1 has been adopting a different promotion technique of one-week-one-performance. And they also put up new dance choreography every week and for ‘I Don’t Care’ they have shown 3 different remix versions of the song for their performance.

It is also known that the main vocal of the group Park Bom and rapper CL are preparing for their solo songs. And with the sudden news of Sandara Park doing her solo activities, more anticipation are for the group’s promotion in the future.

The song ‘Kiss’ will also feature CL’s rap. This pop genre song talks about the wish of a girl for the guy she likes to come closer and share a kiss.

YG Entertainment said, “2NE1 is a group with members with different talents and individuality. With Sandara Park’s solo song ‘Kiss’, the group members will each show their own charms through their own solo songs.”

2NE1 will be promoting their followup hits from this week which are the 4 other songs from the group’s first minialbum – performing one different song per week.

They will be performing the song ‘Pretty Boy’ on SBS Inkigayo this week, and will go on to perform other songs like ‘Stay Together’ and ‘Let’s Go Party’.

Meanwhile, the reggae remix of the group’s hit ‘I Don’t Care’ will be released on 3rd September.

SJM will attend the 13th Ningbo International Fashion Festival

This annual festival is held from October 22 through the 25.

Performance Date: October 22


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