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Shin Dong-wook joins Pick the Stars

Finally, Shin Dong-wook returns in another drama role. He’s just been tapped to join the SBS weekend series Pick the Stars [별을 따다줘], which has already cast leads Kim Ji-hoon as a rich lawyer and Choi Jung-won as a woman who has to fend for herself after her parents die.
It’s been a long while since he was on television: I loved him in 2006’s Soulmate and was eager to see him keep working, but after 2006’s Cloud Stairs and 2007’s War of Money, he hasn’t been very active, aside from hosting cable variety program Tracking Your Ex-boyfriend.
In Pick the Stars, Shin Dong-wook will play Kim Ji-hoon’s brother as a man with painful memories of his youth. He’s described as “warm and perfect, but also with a timid and innocent side to his character.” That’ll contrast pretty strongly with the smooth player he played in Soulmate and the private loan shark he portrayed in War of Money, as well as Kim Ji-hoon’s character, who is described as a cold man who doesn’t believe in love.



On Air..soon to air on GMA7



  • Title: 온에어 / On Air
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 21
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2008-Mar-05 to 2008-May-15
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • See inserts: On Air OST


This drama is about the behind the scene in TV drama productions. It also portrays how the whole production team and performers complete a project in a tight schedule as well as how actors, actresses, and entertainment agencies handle rumors surrounding them. Jang Ki Joon (Lee Bum Soo) used to be a top manager in the business but he went bankrupt as he couldn’t compete with other powerful agencies. He was ‘rescued’ by Oh seung Ah ( Kim Ha Neul) a top star who agreed to join his agency after breaking off with her former one. Lee Kyung Min (Park Yong Ha) was a drama PD who got his first chance at being a director. Seo Young Eun (Song Yoon Ah) is a much sought after script writer who was divorced and has a young son.


Extended Cast

FT Island’s leader Jonghun is next up on MNet Scandal!

DBSK Jaejoong & Brilliant Legacy Han Hyo Joo “Heaven’s Postman” Telecinema to be Screen in September

The Korean-Japan Telecinema have garnered attention as it will hit the screens of cinemas in September.

The television broadcasting company Samhwa Networks collaborated with 7 popular television series scriptwriters and Hallyu stars.

The telecinema, which consists of 7 parts, will have it’s first screening on 18 September, in Seoul (T/N: University’s Name) Auditorium.

The 7-part telecinema, which includes “Heavenly Postman” which was co-starred by TVXQ member Hero Jaejoong and Hallyu idol Han Hyo Joo, started filming in October last year until now, and most of the filming and editing have been wrapped up. Under the watchful eyes of people from Korea, Japan and South-East Asia, the first cut screening was also held.

With the airing of this telecinema, it will cause the fans of Hallyu in Japan, South East Asia and Asia to go wild again.

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Alisa Mizuki, Teppei Koike play lovers in romantic comedy

Actress Alisa Mizuki (32) is starring in a TBS drama series next season called “Ohitorisama.” The show will be a romantic comedy, pairing her up with young actor Teppei Koike (23).
“Ohitorisama” is an original series by screenwriter Masaya Ozaki (“Kekkon Dekinai Otoko,” “Oniyome Nikki”). Mizuki plays a teacher at a prestigious girls’ school, who excels in her work but lacks in cooking and housekeeping. She falls in love with a colleague 10 years younger than her (Koike), and they begin living together. Each episode highlights the differences in their age, status, mindset, and values.

Miki Maya (45) will play the principal of the school. Nao Matsushita (24) and singer Ami Suzuki (27) have also been added to the cast. TBS has scheduled “Ohitorisama” for Friday nights at 10:00pm, starting on October 16.

Haruma Miura stars in “Samurai Seventeen” drama

Popular young actor Haruma Miura (19) is set to star in an NTV drama series, tentatively titled “Samurai Seventeen.” The show is based on an original script by writer Yumiko Inoue.

Miura plays Kotaro Mochizuki, a private high school student who is normally a mild-mannered, unmasculine guy. But after coming across a mysterious ancient document, he finds that whenever he gets into a difficult situation, he becomes imbued with the heroic samurai spirit of his ancestors.

The character of Kotaro will normally be seen in his school uniform, but for his first transformation, Miura will reportedly have a scene wearing a samurai outfit and engaging in a sword fight.

“Samurai Seventeen” will air on Saturdays at 9:00pm, beginning in October.


“Hot Shot” will Air in Japan

GTV’s “Hot Shot” is an idol drama directed by Lin He Long, known as the “Fast Director,” and casted with Show Luo, Jerry Yan, and Wu Zun. It talks about two very important basketball players’ stories on the basketball court. The Thunders and the Ones are long term competitors. The important players in the Thunders, Dong Fang Xiang (Jerry Yan) and Yuan Da Ying (Show Luo) have their own skills and abilities. As for Wu Ji Zun (Wu Zun) in the Ones, he is the killer.

The airing last year in Taiwan brought up a trend; now this trend is going over to Japan.

This idol drama will definitely have a Japanese version as it will be aired in Japan. Though because the drama is so popular, who does the voice-overs is an important point everyone focuses on. The popular Katsuyuki Konishi, Granrodeo, and Daisuke Namikawa will play the voice-overs for the three main characters of the drama. “Hot Shot” will again become big in Japan.

Yunho and Ara on MBC’s Section TV

20090821_tvxqyunho_572 (1)

TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s front man Yunho and Go Ara were featured on a segment for MBC’s Section TV. The segment showed some scenes from their upcoming drama “Heading to the Ground,” and had some brief words by Yunho. The two were later joined by fellow cast mates Lee Yoon Ji, Lee Sang Yun for a longer interview. 

When Yunho was asked to give a message to Cassiopeia, Lee Sang Yun butted in with his gestures and interrupted preventing Yunho from giving a message. From the looks of it, it seems like Yunho has lost a lot of weight. Hopefully the issues with SM Entertainment for his fellow Dong Bang members coupled with doing the drama isn’t putting too much stress on him.

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Shining Inheritance in GMA

Ipapalabas na sa August 31 ang pinakapinag-usapang korean series hit of 2009, ang ‘Shining Inheritance’ sa GMA 7 Telebabad. Starring Han Hyo Joo (Spring Waltz) bilang Inna.

Shining Inheritance4

A Game About Love sa Telebabad!!

Ang “Game About Love” na isang taiwanese series na pinagbibdahan ni Joe Chen (Frog Prince,Fated to Love You) bilang Lalaine..ay ipapalabas sa GMA7 Telebabad simula August 31!



  • Title: 剪刀 石頭 布 / Jian Dao Shi Tou Bu
  • English title: A Game About Love
  • Also known as: Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Genre: Romance / Comedy
  • Episodes: 27
  • Broadcast network: CTS
  • Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-08 to 2006-Dec-14
  • Air time: Weekdays 21:00
  • Opening theme song: Xiao Nu Ren (小女人) Little Woman by Jasmine Ting
  • Ending theme song: Ai Bu Zai (愛不在) Love Isn’t Here by Melody
  • Insert song: Rang Wo Jing Yi Jing (讓我靜一靜) Let Me Calm Down by Van Fan


After Ke-luo’s recognition party, Qi-xiang and Ke-luo finish cleaning up the studio. As they are rather tired, they start messing around and knock down a vase, which starts a fire. At the same time, Duo-li who just finished working overtime looked outside the window and saw smoke in the building across from hers. She hurriedly rushed out to check..

Meanwhile, Qi-xiang and Ke-luo had quickly put out the fire and in the process, hurt Ke-luo’s foot. Finding that the power got cut and the doors got locked, they decide to settle down and wait for help. Duo-li hurries and finds that there are people inside and help them call the police to open the doors for them. She waits outside with them until the cops arrive, then leaves, leaving Qi-xiang and Ke-luo mystified. Ke-luo feels a connection with Duo-li and asks Qi-xiang to find her for him. The next day, Duo-li’s co-worker, Jia-shan, who is also her boss’s daughter has a date with a rich guy. Jia-shan asks Duo-li to go with her, who agrees. It turns out the rich guy is Qi-xiang, but Duo-li doesn’t know that. The date goes on well until the end of it when Jia-shan leaves without telling Duo-li. Duo-li, who is hurriedly trying to catch up with Jia-shan trips into Qi-xiang and brings them both on the ground. As Qi-xiang’s clothes got dirtied, Duo-li insists on paying for them, but at the same time she is called to return back to work. Hastily, she writes down her work number for Qi-xiang to contact her, but in her rush she forgets to leave her name. Qi-xiang gets a call that the mystery girl got identified is called Duo-li and decides to go check her out..

Qi-xiang goes to Duo-li’s workplace, to discover that it is also where Jia-shan, his annoying date today, works. Jia-shan sweetly helps Qi-xiang find Duo-li, who is a little confused as she wasn’t expecting anyone that day. When Duo-li knocks at the door and Qi-xiang turns around, she realizes that he was the guy she accidently pushed down today. Now how did he find me so quickly?