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You’re Beautiful Presscon



SS501 to replace TVXQ?!?

Korean idol group SS501 was recently in Malaysia for their DVD filming and had to face tricky questions about TVXQ.

SS501 had been in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for a 4D3N trip for their DVD filming since 31st August. They then flew to Kuala Lumpur on 3rd September for a press conference and fansigning (which made a lot of SS501 fans mad), organized by Warner Music Malaysia at the very last minute. 

But during the press conference, SS501 were given tricky questions by the local media, as they asked them about the possibility of TVXQ disbanding because of the lawsuit against SM Entertainment and whether they had the confidence to replace them. 

The SS501 members gave their mics to their leader, Kim Hyun Joong as he said, “It’s a difficult question to answer. We can’t really compare between the groups because we are of different styles, in terms of dance, songs and charisma. Furthermore, there’s no confirmation about their disbandment in Korea as yet. We are just focusing on our tasks at hand and don’t know the details of the whole situation. But we hope that they (TVXQ) can settle this in a good way and that their fans will continue to support them.”

DBSK YunHo, Unable to Sleep The Night Before The “Kissing Scene”

According to report from Korean media, there will be a kissing scene of UKnow YunHo with ex-make believe wife of Super Junior KangIn from MBC variety show <>, Lee YoonJi.

MBC new drama <> which set to air on the 9th September, held its 1st press conference at Seoul Hyatt Hotel. Jung YunHo, Go Ara, Lee YoonJi, Lee SangSoon, etc attended.

During the conference, Lee YoonJi states, “My character is very similar to my role, therefore felt like I’m totally revealed. Thankful that I can take part in <>.

Jung YunHo continues, “I felt very nervous the night before (kissing scene). In all the variety/drama shows that I had attended, I never touched anyone’s lips, therefore I was unable to sleep. But everything went smoothly after the guide/helps from YoonJi noona (older sister)”.

Lee YoonJi responded, “ Because YunHo fans always surrounded the filming location, therefore I tried my best to complete the kissing scene quickly”. Lee YoonJi’s confession brought much laughter to the audience.

Interview with Jung Yunho


Filming is progressing and the premiere date nearing for the new soccer drama Heading to the Ground[맨땅에 헤딩], which features an idol star in his acting debut, U-Know Yunho. Casting an idol is nothing new, but putting him in a lead role for his first project makes him something of a wild card. Thus curiosity is building for this drama from the PD of the much-regarded series Ruler of Your Own World, Park Sung-soo. Will the idol star’s debut role be strong enough to carry a drama? Will he pleasantly surprise, or fall short? Below is an interview with Yunho regarding his debut role.