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Kara’s Seungyeon becomes a Barista

Samsung’s project group, 4Tomorrow is at it again! Following suit from Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In challenge as a professional gamerKara’s Han Seungyeon has become a barista for a day.

For their Tomorrow campaign, Seungyeon was chosen to represent the Dream Team (Ga-In, Seungyeon, HyunaUEE) by becoming a barista on the 24th for Cafe Tomorrow in Seoul

The cause of the Tomorrow campaign is to bring hope to the people who are having a hard time dealing with the current economic crisis/recession. Cafe Tomorrow is an open event that is being held for a month long, and all are welcome to stop by for a free drink.

Seungyeon launched the event with the cafe staff by releasing balloons.



Jonghun’s Message of Support for Jaebeom?!?

Jaebeom of 2PM has been receiving a lot of heat due to past comments on his Myspace. Although JYP has announced that 2PM activities are currently cancelled, fans will be relieved to know that Jaebeom will definitely not be leaving the group. His fellow members have also posted words of encouragement and assurance to fans on their cyworld but only to receive criticism from netizens. Despite this, Jonghun still posted a message on his cyworld:

“Isn’t the world too scary? The past is the past…I understand the feeling of that person who is in trouble now…Fighting!”

It does not directly state that Jaebeom’s the subject of his message but it is quite obviously geared towards him.

Play Ball With the Wonder Girls in Cleveland!

TVXQ’s Jae Joong a Ghost?!

A Thai television program, RuengJingPanJor (Thai Real TV), has reported that they found pictures of a ‘female holy spirit’ and it’s causing a lot of controversy. (

RuengJingPanJor is a TV show that tries to prove or clear up rumors of unusual events. On one of the episodes, it was reported that a Thai villager took a picture of a tree with his cell phone, and found a mysterious ghost lurking around it. They zoomed into the pictures taken, and… OMG IT’S JAE JOONG!

Thai Cassies are co-operating with RuengJingPanJor to verify if the holy spirit is real or not (as it could’ve been photoshopped) and if it is actually Jae Joong.
So far, they have found crucial evidence that the picture of the ghost is identical to a screenshot of Jae Joong from a Korean TV show ‘Golden Fishery’.

left:jae in golden fishery...right:the jae ghost??

left:jae in golden fishery...right:the jae ghost??

More Dara-Minho Kiss!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Pancake Khemmanit to work with Super Junior


Pancake Khemmanit’s hotness has no stopping to it. She is preparing herself to work with Super Junior all the way from the land of kimchi. It will be the same commercial that once was offered to Aump Patcharapa who has worked with Super Junior before. Pancake discards of her stealing the light from Aump, but does admit that she is learning Korean for the CF that will start shooting at the end of this month. As for how much she is getting paid for this CF, she wants to keep that silent.
You can say that she is hot at the moment that her schedule is never taking a break. From lakorns, being a presenter, and appearing at events is never a rest for Pancake Khemmanit Jamikorn. As she was spotted with a very happy face and a smile from ear to ear as she was asked if the rumors of her becoming a presenter for 12 plus is true.
When Pancake was approached and asked about her good news, Pancake admitted that she did get the job for the commercial and that at the end of September shooting will commence.
“There really is a CF for this, but we haven’t started shooting for this yet. If when we get done then I can tell you more details about it. If you ask me which members of Super Junior I’ll be shooting the CF with, well I’m not sure yet as to who it is. I’m not sure if it’s all of Super Junior or just a few members. This I really don’t know. I’m excited about this. It’s something different and fun. When shooting finishes or even starts everyone will get to see how it’s like. I am not going International, but more like Super Junior is going International for coming into Thailand. They will be here in Thailand and shooting will start at the end of this month. As for the location, I’m not sure of it also.”
Why do you think that the company contacted you and wanted you specifically for their advertisements and how did they contact you?
“I’m not sure as to why they have chosen me. This you might have to talk to my mother about it. I just see this as a job that seems interesting to me.”
When asked if she is afraid that people might criticize her for stealing Aump Patcharapa’s crown, who was the presenter for this CF before Pancake. Pancake responded to this matter,
“Truthfully, I think this is a different product from Aump’s. Nothing can be compared to one another and I’m not taking over.”
When asked how she felt about being able to work on a CF with Super Junior, Pancake replied,
“I am very excited. I have never worked with them and don’t know if the way they do things will be different. As for the Korean language, I’m just learning the basics.”
cr:[News via SiamDara][]
SJ schedule for the cf shooting:
7 members will be flying separately to Thailand for the shooting of the new CF.
September 23 ~ 26 Kangin Shindong Sungmin
September 24 ~ 27 Eeteuk Eunhyuk
No flight details for Siwon and Donghae. Estimate that they will fly to Thailand from China directly.

Leeteuk is “bomb-shell idol” & Kangin is “idol of general knowledge” + Leeteuk ♥’s Lee Sooman

On the 1st episode of KBS drama channel “Human network – Super Junior’s miracle” which will be aired at 8.00PM on September 5th, Super Junior’s members will have to take a quiz called “Idol of general knowledge – Umbrella quiz” to test their quality to be the MCs. The member who is ranked #1 will be receive “Idol of general knowledge” award and the one who is ranked at last will be called “bomb-shell idol”.

“Umbrella quiz” contains questions about present events, history and common knowledge. On that day, Kangin who even got the difficult question right was ranked #1 and honored as “Idol of general knowledge”, after that he said to the other members “You guys dont read newspaper, do you ? I’m a person like that ! (a person who read newspaper)”. On the other side, Leeteuk who couldnt even get a answer right until the end was called “bomb-shell idol” and got a banter “That person is our leader” from the other members.

Also, when MC Park Kyunglim and singer Lee Sooyoung asked Leeteuk “Who is your life’s mentor/adviser ?”, he had said without hesitance that person is Lee Sooman. Leeteuk said “He is the person who help me achieve my dream being a singer, help me realize the meaning of the family” and “I thank him for helping me not to quit my dream in the hard times”. The other members Kangin, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Shindong after being surprised because of Leeteuk’s sudden action also made a heart-shape with their hands and said they love him (LSM) too which made everybody laughing.

♥♥♥Yoon Eun Hye’s drawing of Jung Il Woo♥♥♥


Wonder Girls in a computer game?!

It has been reported that the Wonder Girls, are close to finishing the development of an computer game titled “Star Tales.” A Chinese gaming company named Shanghai Magic Grid Network is reported to be affiliated with the development of this highly anticipated new game. When the game is released, the public will be able to manipulate and control the movement of the Wonder Girls with their personal computers.

Kara’s Vacation in Japan

kara japan

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